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Gt4 Simple Integrated management customers and suppliers accounting system Management system rewards employees withdrawals and advances Futures sales department or monetary system or above with fit each institution Integrated procurement and stores management system Integrated barcode system administration and Srilh products in stores Expenses and revenues ratings system is infinite tree enables prepared to suit all facilities of all sizes A special system of running partners and Mshobachm Storage management system and transport them and create more than Treasury An integrated system for managing bank accounts and checks Deferred all with respect to the banks of different things A variety of different report more than one hundred different report accounts in all its forms Properties much can you see in the simple accounting program more

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GT4 Company was established in 2005, we specialize in the design and development of high performance websites, hosting at powerful servers, and web sites services. We serve customers worldwide, utilizing the internet to communicate with each client, regardless of location, Our company specialize in great service at affordable website design prices. Our team comprise of highly skilled designers, coders, and experienced software professionals. We continue to learn and grow as a team and individuals..

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Mashaal square, near El Rahma Market, El mamon tawer, 3rd floor, Mansoura, Daqkhlia, Egypt -

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